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The Elevator. Sexism or gender stereotyping?

This post is regarding the issue of Richard Dawkins commenting on a situation described by youtube character called “skepchick”. More information can be found here

To save you time I agree with Dawkins and have no problem with the approach he took. A quick assumption I will make is that the audience replying to this controversy is full of atheist. I will also assume that atheist have used humour and mockery themselves when talking about the crazy belief that is religion. At the very least have laughed at Richard’s jokes concerning religion. So I will call a double standard for anyone arguing that he was too blunt.

I believe there are two arguments going on here and premises are getting thrown around all in the wrong direction. I think “skepchick” was the first person to throw an incorrect premise at the wrong argument.

I love the feminist movement and avidly pursue to advance it. Though I believe that modern man has also fell victim to society’s gender stereotyping. To clarify modern men suffer from symptoms such as;

  • “being a man” – frowned upon by peers, women and parents when he chooses battles. Often called a “push over” if he doesn’t think a fight is worth fighting
  • Approach anxiety – men are expected to approach women and often get advice to always be forward as to never waste a chance. For those men who aren’t forward they end up dwelling on what could have been if they had said something.
  • Schrodinger’s Rapist – I’d expect most men to have been in this situation where they are walking behind a lady at night or stuck in an elevator for example. They understand that they may be making the woman feel uncomfortable which makes them feel sick inside. There are no solutions for alleviating the stress either, if you walk faster or walk slower and disappear you will still induce fear into some women. In the elevator context you may be creepy if you don’t talk so you may lighten the situation by talking which makes you even more creepy.

I feel as though the “elevator situation” is more of a problem with gender stereotyping then what feminist actually fight for. I would also list out some gender stereotypes women are forced into but my perspective isn’t great but would love to hear about them.(comment below)

It would seem that “skepchick” thinks that the elevator scene was an attack on feminism whereas I would say it’s actually a matter of gender stereotyping. Which makes her video actually a mockery of feminism and perpetuates sexism when in fact it should address gender stereotyping that both men and women face.

Men and women don’t experience the same things and may never have the same perspective but we can agree that societies expectations pressure us equally.

Let’s ALL support the feminist movement and lets ALL support the abolishment of gender stereotyping.

Would love to hear what you have to say!

p.s. gender stereotyping also includes all the combinations of sexualities and genders

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